Keep your HP Laptop cool this summer

How to Keep your HP Laptop cool this summer?

With the increase in the temperature during the summers, our HP laptops are heating up at the same pace. This can lead to the overheating of internal parts and decrease in their performance.

Hp laptops and computers come with a facility of a fan installed by default inside the devices to keep them cool not matter how high the temperature is going this summer. If the fan is also not successful in keeping your devices cool; here is a list of all the steps for you in order to keep them cool. Have a look:


  • Keep your laptop at a Right Surface

Keeping your laptop at a right surface will ensure the proper air flow. When you keep your laptop on couch, sofas, or beds or at any other uneven surface it might lead to overheating because these flat surfaces block air flow and make your hp laptop heat. Instead, ensure it is kept on a flat surface such as table and away from the walls of your house.

  • Laptop should always be dust-free

Always keep the processor of your laptop cooled down. This is because the more the processor works, the more heat it generates thus, it is highly recommended to keep it peacefully. Keep the vents and the windows of the fan away from dust, if there would be dust in them there would be no flow of air.

  • Either get the existing fan updated or replaced

Keep a constant check on the hardware components of your laptop. It is highly recommended for you to get the present fans updated or replaced in case your laptop is overheating.

  • Water Cooling Kit can cool down the heat

One of the best ways to cool down the heat in your laptop is using the Water Cooling Kit. It protects your laptop from hanging problems and freezing at certain circumstances. This is the most vital during the summers and very useful for high end machines.

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