How to Enhance PC performance

How to Enhance PC performance in few clicks?

The Internet is an essential part of today’s life. Internet services make life easier; the tasks people can indulge into are online shopping, money transfer, gaming and do many other things over the internet. But this remarkable convenience comes along with lots of security concerns and productivity issues.

Enhance PC performance

There are lots of threats present in digital world that can affect your PC and its performance such as-


Malware can affect your system in several ways and slower performance of a PC is one of the common issues caused by malware infection. Through an internet connection, various types of malware can enter into your systems such as the virus, Spyware, Trojan and much more. They slow down the PC’s processing speed. To keep them away from your system you could use an anti-malware software on your system. This software not only prevents malware entrance but also removes all existing threats from your system.

Botnet attacks

According to Wikipedia,

“A botnet is the collection of Internet-connected program communicating with other similar programs in order to perform tasks. This can be as mundane as keeping control of an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel, or it could be used to send spam email or participate in distributed denial-of-service attacks.”

These attacks make your system zombie and hackers control your system from a remote area without your consent. They can steal your sensitive information or use your system to accomplish their fraudulent activity.  You can use web security tools and protect your router to avoid such type of threats.

Windows Registry

Windows registry is small files that store information of all installed apps on the system. These files are no longer useful once the installation process is done. Slowly, these small database files capture large space of hard drive and affect PCs speed. There are lots of registry cleaner software available that can clean up such registry and optimize your PCs speed. By cleaning up registry files, you could get lots of free space too.

How to enhance PC performance

Above mentioned tips are very simple and easy to increase PC speed. You could also follow few security practices to make your PC healthier such as –

  • Always prefer a legitimate website to download any software or files. The suspicious software may include malware that can slow down PC performance.
  • Don’t open Phishing emails even received from the known sender.
  • Don’t click on suspicious or adware links.
  • Read carefully license of agreement before downloading any software.
  • Keep your Wi-Fi protected with WPA2.
  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi zone.

How to Enhance PC performance

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All these tips provide the gateway for malware entrance. By using above mentioned tips you can prevent threats and enhance your PCs performance.

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